What we know about the new $400,000 T.V. rental system in New Orleans

New Orleans, LA –  The new T.v. rental unit rental system that opened to the public in New York City and Boston is going to get a big push from New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu to get it rolling.

The City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to approve a $400K grant to help with capital costs for the system.

The project will include a $600K capital grant for a 20-room apartment complex.

The system will offer 24-hour access to the Internet and TV, as well as live TV and local radio. 

The project will have a $1,600 cap on the total amount of units.

The total will include 24 units, but Landrieus wants to make sure there are enough units to meet the demand for apartments.

According to a news release, the New Orleans Housing Authority is the primary developer of the system and will be able to receive up to $1.1 million for the project.

The authority will be responsible for paying for the remaining costs.

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