Why do you hate windows?

A new study has found that people are generally happy with their living space, but it turns out they’re also not very happy with the way windows look.

Germans have a reputation for being very happy people, but new research shows that this happiness is actually due to their windows.

“We can say that when people are happy, they are more happy than when they are not,” says Christoph Gebhardt, a doctoral student at the University of Leipzig and lead author of the study.

“They are more satisfied with the quality of their living environment and they are happier with their daily lives.”

“When you have a nice home, the quality and quantity of the things that you want to do, you can be more happy with that,” says Gebhart.

According to the study, the majority of Germans do not think that the amount of windows on their homes is a good thing.

Instead, they think that windows contribute to the overall quality of the house.

But, what about the people who don’t want to live in a nice place?

Gebhardt says that the vast majority of them would probably consider that a problem if it meant they had to deal with the lack of things to do in their home.

And it doesn’t seem that windows are going to change their minds any time soon.

Although windows are not a bad thing in their own right, they do contribute to an overall level of dissatisfaction in the world, the study suggests.

They also contribute to a feeling of entitlement and that, if you don’t pay attention to what you’re getting, the world will start to feel like a prison.

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