The Truth Behind the Casement Window Screen Newsroom

In a typical day, the Newsroom hosts one-on-one interviews with top editors and reporters to discuss their work.

But a new project has added a second round of interviews with more seasoned reporters to the mix, and it’s a pretty interesting conversation.

Catherine Hyslop and her team at Newsroom were looking to fill a gap in their live-blogging program, but were surprised to learn that they’d stumbled across a very different kind of live-streaming video.

“Our audience loves to see what we are talking about,” said Hysloop, who said they’d been asked to create a new video series with “a more curated and thoughtful way of telling stories.”

“We really wanted to bring in a new type of live stream and have it be something that you didn’t see on other platforms.”

To accomplish that, Newsroom’s production staff partnered with an independent, production company to create an interactive video that lets you watch a video and hear the audio of what the Newsrooms team is saying.

It’s a little like a conversation, but the audio is more like a live-tweet, and the video can be seen by anyone on the Internet, so you can hear it anytime you want.

The goal is to give viewers a better sense of the team members’ voices, so they can listen more closely and get a sense of what they’re talking about.

Newsroom says it has recorded nearly 2 million hours of audio and video interviews with the newsroom and a few others on the staff, but they’re still in the process of gathering more and more audio, as well as some video, to be released in the future.

It’s a huge undertaking, Hyslosop said.

Newsrooms are like any other small business, and they don’t have the resources to hire a full-time producer.

But they do have a huge amount of talent, and this project gives them an opportunity to have their own video production team.

Hysloops said it’s not the only new project Newsrooms is working on, but that it’s “very much the first of many.”

Hyslosos said Newsrooms has been trying to do live-broadcasting projects for the past couple of years, but there was a lot of pressure to release the videos in a timely fashion.

So she was thrilled to hear Newsrooms was willing to share some of its work with the world.

With a video team, Hoslosos and her production team have more time to do their own live-journaling and do more live-coding.

The video series is going to be more about exploring the people in the News Room and how they work, rather than focusing on the news stories, Hoseos said.

They’re looking forward to seeing what kind of feedback they get.

For more on how Newsrooms works, check out this video.

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