Why I love my home on the other side of the world

I’ve lived in several different homes across the United States, but it’s my home in Portland, Oregon that I’ve been living in for the past few months.

My family is based in a neighborhood that’s not on the East Coast, so it’s hard to describe how amazing it feels to live here.

I like that I can have my family around me when I’m out, and I have plenty of friends who are living in the same house.

I love the fact that the weather here is warm and dry, and the air is always refreshing.

The city is vibrant and diverse, and there’s so much to do in town that I’m loving.

I love being able to get a workout and walk my dog on a Saturday morning, even though I have a busy schedule.

The weather has been nice and cool this winter, and it’s been a great opportunity to spend time with my family.

I started out as a single-parent when I was pregnant with my daughter, but now I have three other children and two stepchildren, and they are all grown.

The most recent one is in preschool, and our second is still in preschool.

I have two older children, who are now in middle school, and a younger son who is just starting kindergarten.

My first job was working at a hotel as a server.

I loved it, but after two months I had to quit to take care of my kids.

I decided that I needed to move on to something else, so I decided to start a career in a new field.

I’ve worked as a personal trainer and nutritionist, and now I work as a coach.

My goal is to work in a health and wellness business to help people improve their health, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

I’m a lifelong Portland resident and have lived here my entire life.

I grew up in the city, and my father is a longtime city resident, but we moved here from Virginia in 1994.

It was very important to my family that we be connected to our hometown, and that I had a place that I could go to when I needed help.

That’s why I’ve chosen Portland, which is a very diverse city.

It’s a great city to live in.

The people are very friendly, and you can find a lot of great places to go out.

It’s also a great place to go to learn how to do things.

There’s lots of parks and parks to walk around, and lots of great things to do.

You can see a lot more of the country and get a great view of the ocean.

It has great restaurants, bars, museums, and theaters.

It really is a great community to live.

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