An American’s secret life in the military

In the 1950s, an Army officer in New York City decided to make his mark on his city’s defense.

He wanted to create a military base that would be built in a public park, he said, and he wanted to show it off.

He called the park “Spencer Park,” a reference to a famous fictional character from the 1930s.

He named it the Spencer Park Military Base.

But the park was not built, and no one had ever seen the base.

And the city never built a base.

The military never established a base in the city.

So Spencer Park was just a symbol.

The city didn’t know it existed.

And a decade later, a small group of veterans and their families was beginning to get a glimpse of Spencer Park.

The park was named after the late Navy SEAL Lance Cpl.

Spencer Spencer Smith.

He was killed in action in 2009 at a training exercise in Afghanistan.

Spencer Smith was a veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a Navy SEAL who served in both Iraq and Iraq.

He died in 2012.

Spencer’s father, Jack, and his mother, Judy, had served as teachers at a public school in the 1950S and 1960s, where they met, Jack said.

Jack and Judy were avid military men, and Judy, who was a teacher, wanted her son to be a fighter pilot.

And Jack was convinced he would be able to take care of her son, Judy said.

So Jack started making plans.

In 1962, he sold a house in a suburb outside of Los Angeles to pay off some of his debt to the Army.

He and Judy moved in with the Smiths, and the Smith’s had a home that they built on the property.

But they weren’t a part of the family.

They were a part-time housekeeper, Judy recalled.

And when Judy moved back to her family in the 1960s with their son, she knew her son had never had any real experience in the civilian world.

She knew that when he would visit her family, they would tell him he was a hero and he would never have to be at war again.

So she and Jack moved the family to New York, to the city that would eventually become Spencer Park, where she and her son would continue to live.

And Judy remembers telling her son about Spencer Smith and his role in saving the lives of many people.

She didn’t even know he was alive.

I can tell you that his face was very clear in my mind.

I think, in a very short time, he became the poster boy for this military, and that’s what saved my life, Judy told The Washington Times.

I always tell my son, I just told him that because he has a family of his own, he was going to have to see this story.

So I never let Spencer go.

And I never wanted him to go.

So now I’m telling the story of his life in Spencer Park because I wanted him, I wanted to give him a chance.

Judy said she wanted to keep her son’s story to himself, but she wanted him — and everyone else — to know that he had a life.

The Spencer Smith family is one of about 60 families who came together to build a park in New Jersey’s Spencer Park district, named after Lance Cpt.

Spencer, who died in 2014 at age 40.

The family and the neighborhood around the Spencer Smith Park are named after Spencer’s brother, Lance.

In the 1970s, the neighborhood grew as Spencer’s family moved to the area, and in the 1990s, they decided to build their own school, named for the retired SEAL, and a new park in the park district was built on his land.

The school and park was called Spencer Park High School, and it’s the only one in the Spencer family to be built by the military, Judy Smith said.

But it’s not the only park built by soldiers.

There are two other parks in the neighborhood, Judy added.

Judy and her husband, Tom, have lived in the area for about 20 years, Judy explained.

They’ve lived in a single-family home with a yard, they have a garage and they have their own driveway, and they also have their backyard, and Tom is a very active member of the neighborhood and very involved in the community.

They’re not just going to let the kids play on their own, they’re going to take their yard to a park where they can go and have fun.

Tom and Judy are the primary sponsors of the Spencer park, and their son also played in the school soccer team and basketball team, Judy remembered.

Judy, Tom and other Spencer family members have been part of building Spencer Park since its inception, and now it’s time to continue that tradition.

They plan to open the school and the park in October, and then move on to the Spencer Memorial Library, which is an old military building.

Judy Smith hopes to keep the park open for years to come, and

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