Roger Casement: The Case of the Missing TV Window

It’s not just the TV’s windows that seem to be missing.

In many cases, there are no windows at all.

Here are some of the most puzzling and bizarre cases of missing television windows.1. 

 The Missing “Big Blue” Window In a very rare instance, an American television house in the mid-1950s actually had two different windows on one wall.

It is possible that one window was on the first floor of the home, while the other was on a different floor.

The owner, Frank W. Williams, and his family bought the house in 1958 and built it in a “blue” color.

It was built to look like a big blue TV.

The family later decided to put a glass panel on the left side of the house.

It’s unclear what color the glass panel was or if it was blue.

The TV is now gone.

The window in question is in the basement.2. 

Missing “Cinderella Window” The missing “Cinder” window in the attic of a 1950s-era house was probably the “Cinders” window, which was a type of “snow globe.”

It is unknown if it is a real “sinkhole” or not.

This window was in the same position as the one on the previous floor, but was gone for several years.

It was then re-located to the second floor.


The missing “Big Yellow” Window There are two “Big yellow” windows on the second-floor ceiling in a 1930s-style house in San Diego, California.

It may have been on the roof or in a separate room.


“Black and White” Window Missing in the second story window of the attic in a 1950 home in San Francisco is an “albino” black and white “black and white” window.

It has no identifying marks on it, and no other markings on the walls or ceiling.


Lucky Number 2 The “Lucky number 2” window on the top floor of a 1930’s-style home in New Jersey is missing.


Lost in the Woods Missing window from a 1950’s-era home in Texas is in a different location than the other two.


Trucker Window Missing window in a 1980s-styled house in California is in an attic, not on the same floor as the “Black and Yellow” window that was found in San Jose.


In a Garden Window Missing the “Green” window is on the third floor of an older 1930s house.


Two Missing Doors In the 1920s-1930s, an older house in New York City had two missing windows on either side of a door.

One window was missing, and the other window was not.

It turned out that the two windows were identical.


No Room in the Picture Missing window on a 1950ish-style building in Philadelphia is a “lone” window with a missing “blue color” door.


Failed Window A window from the 1930s “Casper” building in New England is missing, but it has a matching “blue and green” window attached.


Door Missing from the 1920’s “Camelot” building In a 1930-style apartment building in Florida, the window from an older window in one of the apartments has a missing door.

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