How to make your own DIY door casement

A DIY door or window acer works by sealing off an area, then adding a coat of lacquer to the seal.

It can be used to cover a hole, or to add a little bit of extra life to an otherwise dark space.

“You can create a space where people feel like they’re welcome, where they’re safe, and it adds to the charm of the place,” said Leslie Ewing, owner of Leslie Ewings Creative Products.

The window casement works by making a small hole in a door or an opening in the wall.

When the lacquer dries, the window closes and you can remove it.

“If you look at the old-fashioned window in your home, you don’t want to see anything that looks like a hole.

You want to think of a space that’s inviting,” Ewing said.

“The more space you give people, the more it’s going to bring out the creativity of them and their creativity to make something unique.”

Ewing started selling her DIY window casings in 2013, after she had a difficult time finding a contractor to do the work.

“I knew there were a lot of people who had this dream of getting a window into their house, and I thought, ‘What if I did it myself?'” she said.

Ewing had a garage full of garage door frames, so she had to build her own, which she did with a kit she had in her basement.

She made her casings using a piece of foam board and a piece she had laying around her home.

She then used a pair of scissors to cut off the corners, then added a coat to seal the holes.

She used the kit to cut out the casings, and then she cut out pieces of the foam board that would go in the hole, which would then be covered with a piece.

She taped the ends to the foamboard and used the acrylic paint to cover the casement.

“It was very much like making a gift,” Ewings said.

She put them on a shelf in her garage, and she sells them on Etsy for $8 for a pair.

The casement was a hit with the DIY community, and people loved the way they made a space for themselves and others to come together.

Ewings also has an Etsy store with DIY items like wood frames and decorative pieces.

“They make people feel safe, they make them feel loved and they make a place where they can feel welcome,” she said of her DIY project.

“So they’re just such an amazing thing to be able to do in your house.”

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