How to make a new life in a new country

Google has unveiled a new tool that can help people migrate to the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The company has dubbed it the “Pivot Casement Window” and is available for $299.

In the app, users can enter a country and the site will show where they can stay, rent a car, apply for an apartment or apply for citizenship.

The app can also be used to check where to eat and work.

Google has created the app to help people move abroad and to help them adjust to new cities and people.

“The new app allows people to access local resources and make decisions based on their goals,” a spokesperson told CNN.

“Our goal is to make people feel more comfortable living in their new home.”

In the US and Canada, Google said the new tool is available to people who can afford it, but in Australia, New Zealand and the US the app is only available to those with an annual household income of $500,000 or more.

“We’re looking to make it easy for people to get started,” the spokesperson said.

“We are working on adding a more convenient user interface to help users make sense of the app.”

The tool can also help people navigate through the different services available in different parts of the US.

For example, it can show you which public transportation options are available and which are more expensive.

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