When Truth and Lies came out: It’s not the truth anymore, and Trump’s not telling it to save his reputation

I’m sure the story that Donald Trump told his supporters on Monday is a familiar one.

He claimed that the Clinton campaign and the media were lying to him, that the FBI was biased against him, and that his poll numbers were falling.

The truth, as ever, is that Trump never made those statements and has never done so.

He never even claimed to be under investigation, let alone in any way tainted by it.

And, as he said on Sunday, he was never a target of any investigation.

What Trump told them was the truth, and the truth is that the country is not ready for him as president.

The people, he said, don’t want him in the White House.

I don’t think they want him as commander-in-chief.

They want someone who has a different vision for the country and who will fight for them.

And if you listen to the American people, they want someone like Donald Trump to lead them.

When you read his words, you don’t have to go anywhere.

You don’t need to watch TV, you can read them.

You just have to listen to them.

They’re telling him to stop lying.

He doesn’t want to stop telling lies.

And they know that he doesn’t believe that they are lies.

Trump is not a liar.

He believes in the truth.

He’s not lying.

And what Trump has told the American public about the Russia probe, he told them, is the truth in a way that is not always being told.

When he tells it the way he told it, it’s not being told because he knows it’s the truth and because he thinks it’s correct.

The American people do not want a liar as president, so he’s telling the truth about Russia.

Trump told supporters in Ohio that they had been misled about the investigation into his campaign’s ties to Russia.

And the president told them they were not told the truth by the media, that it was the media.

I’m not saying the president is lying to you.

But if he tells the truth to you, you need to take it as a fact, not a theory.

I mean, this is not an isolated event.

It is something that has been going on for years and years, and we’ve got a president that wants to tell the truth as truth.

And he’s been lying to the media for years, for months, and he continues to do it because he’s trying to save face.

He is not telling the public what he believes, he’s lying to them, he is lying.

I am not going to say that there are things in his life that are criminal or that are wrong, but I think it’s pretty clear that he’s not doing what he should be doing as president and that’s telling people what they want to hear.

That’s not who he is.

The president said on CNN on Sunday that he will not apologize for telling the American voters what they wanted to hear and that he is not going after any member of the press.

And this was not a mistake.

This was not some misstep, this was a real mistake.

And I am very proud of that.

When the president said that, you know, the American president, the commander- in-chief of the United States, said that he believes the American electorate, and they want the president to tell them what they are going to hear, and I have to tell you, that is the most accurate statement I’ve ever heard from a president of the country, and not only that, but it was in the same breath as I said that the president was going to go after the press as well.

You know, when I look back on the campaign, I remember a time when we were going to be the most transparent administration in the history of the republic.

I remember that and I remember the president telling me that, and then he was president, I can’t believe he said that to me.

It was not in a good way.

And so, it is true that he told the press that he was going after the media and he was not going against them, but that was not what he was saying, and it was not true.

But I don.

It does not change the fact that the American voter wanted him to be honest, and this is why he went after the reporters and the press corps, not because he was telling the press what they were telling him.

And in fact, that’s what he said.

And that’s the way I want it to be.

This is not about me.

This, by the way, is not the first time the president has said this.

When I said the president would not go after journalists, he responded by saying that he had told the public the truth on other issues.

And it’s true.

And then he went on and on about how the press is dishonest.

He said that they

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